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Pesonal Alarm - Personal Attack Alarm - Panic Alarm - Body Guard Alarm

Personal alarms are small hand-held electronic devices with the functionality to emit a loud siren-like alarming sound. It has a button that when pressed sets the siren off, or a tag that when pulled sets the siren off. It is used when attacked by an assailant or when in danger to scare off the assailant and attract attention.

The sound emitted can have the effect of distracting, disorienting, and surprising the assailant. Its main function is as a deterrent, since it is likely that passersby will be attracted to the noise and the attacker will flee.

Inno Technology manufactures three kinds of Personal Alarm including 130dB Personal Alarm, 130dB Personal Alarm with LED Light, Mini Personal Alarm with PIR Sensor, Squeeze Personal Alarm.