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Dummy Camera - Fake Camera - Imitation Camera

Dummy Cameras or Fake Cameras are non-functional surveillance cameras designed to fool intruders, or anyone who it is supposedly watching. Those cameras are intentionally placed in a noticeable place, so passing people notice them and believe the area to be monitored by CCTV.

All of these dummy surveillance cameras include a blinking red LED and operate on batteries. The dummy camera with housing and professional dummy camera also have a fake power cable which adds to the realism. These features make the dummy cameras almost exact replicas of the real cameras.

Dummy cameras are also used to augment real surveillance systems to increase the deterrent effect at a minimal additional cost. Many camera vendors offer dummy cameras that look identical to the real ones they sell. A typical camera kit may include four real cameras and four dummies. The subjects being monitored are likely to assume that all of the cameras are real.