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16 Months Toddler Drowns In Rowan County Lake!

Rowan county Lake Drowning

High Rock Lake is as dangerous as it is beautiful, with cold water and crashing waves.

It was no match for a wandering toddler Monday.

"They can slip away from you quick," said neighbor Karen Brady.

Investigators say that's what happened. The boy, identified as Logan Scott Rabon, went out the back door and ended up in the water.  Right now investigators aren't saying if he walked into the lake or fell off the wobbling dock.

Rowan County emergency responders were called to High Rock Lake on Catfish Road just before 1 p.m.

Neighbors say the mom searched the house and the yard and called 911.  Forty minutes later, searchers found the toddler underwater.  Doctors spent two and a half hours trying to revive him.

It's tragedies like these where neighbors say they can't imagine what the family is going through.  But one neighbor can.  In the same neighborhood, on the same lake, there was a drowning off a woman's dock 20 years ago.

It still haunts Brenda Stiller.

"The electrician that was doing work on my house. His son was out playing on the dock," Stiller said.

The boy fell in and drowned.  Stiller's husband found him.

"The water was very muddy," Stiller said.

That pain still hasn't gone away.

Neighbors say neither will this one, for the family and their friends on High Rock Lake.

"My sympathy goes out to the family," Brady said.

Investigators haven't released the toddler's name.

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